Frisco Kid

I wonder more and more
If prevention is better than secure, (woa naah)
I want to see that girl next door
But mek sure I have dem in store (check it)

Mi want a jook offa Jacqualine
But mi haffi draw for my rubbers, for my rubbers
Sex nice but the AIDS ting
Wi mek yuh die like flowers, die out like flowers

Verse 1:
When mi stop an mi look inna mi crystal ball
Mi get fi find out say, no man a nuh wall
An most pretty gal yuh caan trust dem at all, at all, at all, at all (hey)
Yuh find a young girl an through she small
Yuh think say she naw gi yuh un with Paul
But if yuh ever hear how much name a call, a call, a call, a call (hey)
She have Peter mark and she dey with Saul
She even have a married man over Whitehall
So mek sure when yuh in love yuh nuh fall, nuh fall, nuh fall (mi brethren)


Verse 2:
Mi si dung an mi check inna di system
An mi decide say mi naah be nuh victim
Nobaddi naah gimmi nutten whey nuh have no cure
A rather ride no more
No rubbers no ride yaah mi sistren
Safe sex a whey mi strongly believe in
An mi naah tek no check so mi makin sure
Mi have codoms galore


Verse 3:
Rain a fall and mi temperature rise
Jackie say fi check har, she up a Miss Joyce
Busy mi get busy cause mi well want a slice
Haffi make haste cause the slam dey pon ice
Reach up a Jackie but mi start check wise
Pure bumpy bumpy deh pon Jackie eyes
Pure blister blister deh pon Jackie thighs
It look like she have suppen under disguise


Repeat Verse 1