Elijah Prophet

A revolution a strictly, a revolution

Verse 1:
The little school youth them just can't sleep, a bare shot a burst,
Them have to lay down pan the cold concrete, me next door neighbor
She a weep, but as I look outside mi see soldiers pan dem belly a creep.

Its gonna be a revolution in a jamdung, down, down yeah,
The likkle youths dem a wreck up the city,
Its ganna be a revolution in a jamdung , down , down yeah
Dem yah youths don't got no pity.

Verse 2:
The first question I asked, how the guns reach here,
We all know the leaders don't seems to care,
Then the second question to the minister of security,
He is protecting himself, he don't give a heck about we.


Verse 3:
All over the country everyone is crying for peace,
If you cant trust the soldier, tell me how you a trust the police,
They treat us like beast when we cry for peace, they treat ghetto people
As if they are the least.


Repeat Verse One