Gun Shot

Bounty Killer

Trust a who wha bust a shot
blood on di block fuck di cop
tell dem who I am say whaa
badmon fuck di battymon
worrior not mi type
some wittness innocent gettin' shot
ha nigga say trust
aight fuck di past
face di gat
mi di right soldier
strong as di rock
hardhead nuh know dat
so dem fight back
den walk away wit di hole inn a back punk


Gun shot
I come hard on di spot
barly know di squad fuck dat
mi mind on di pot
separate di soul from di heart
gettin' di right cash
now yo dead wrong followin di wrong path
gun shot nuff of dem know dem right
so mi a say gun shot

tell who multiply ready to fly
joy in dey mind

Verse 1
Sometimes mi ? y mi living
Is it mi or u too have somethin' to do
Life should lead di way we wanted to
But you too come as wi friend
An snitch as di best friend
$ everytin i picture kind of vanish
So mi vanish capture dem ahsheh
All 3rd world has a thought of been punish
Hay who would told me i be washin' a dish
21 still livin' at di family
No J O B dreaming as usual
T.V wat does dat do to a mi
I thank god so mi don't have to worry
See dem tit pant mak mi walk to di cemetary
Dear lord do i have di right to marry
I an I worry leavin' dem kaky to di military

Verse 2
Day afta day I tank lord fo' brakin' mi dope
Day an night stress no hope
So mi pray to know di cause
But a mi no scared to face di fate
Dis evil yellin' on mi face
Greed shall i live in peace
I can cease if you give mi a chance to breath
Evil in mi vein linving in vain
How shall some one live wit out gain pain
Gat a trademark of afraid
Couldn't catch up wit Mr. brave
Mi alone hanging wit di brain
Goin' to di chruch
Explain to di lord now mi marked as
Di worlord
Wi no scare of di road
Chaisin' di pig wit di dope

Verse 3
Mi dream like di a huh viaduct
Never end never last
Lonely no one care fo mi eee
Water fo mi needy matter of fact I greedy
Drink wat i found in a gazzle way
Cutting magazin that have viand
When time had no choice but sleep inn a gutter
Mi tender heart scare to c de morn' light
So i stay on z bridge so mi sleep won't leave mi
So my goal is to terminate mi hope
Found enemy no army
So i play dem tricly
Strickly dis life ain't did none fo' mi
I'm searchin an searchin'
Visioin of mi missin
Flash back mi image in africa burnin
Mi suffer from havin' dream mi havin' dream
Leavin' a part of di world in danger

Verse 1 (repeated)

Hook (repeated)