Follow Mi Arrow

Bounty Killer

Girls follow di leader
You know I got something all dem girls in need
It's bamboo , lignum vitae and cedar
They call me the fast breederr (Well ! )

If a gal tink she bad , dem follow mi arrow
Meck mi point it go dung deh , the shallow and narrow
When mi dun she naw go know today different from tommorow
Under estimate mi a parrow parrow
See it deh now gal mi hold yuh , how it a go nuh
Dis ya one a di eagle versus the sparrow
Gal a go bawl fi sorrow , dis movie to harrow

Verse 1:
Strike it an' mi light it
Right yah now man a go burn it
But a fore under yuh wire dat alone concern mi
Deh pon top a ting , nuh matter where an' how yuh turn it
Get a job well done , a nuff respect mi affi earn it
She deh pon top a mi case every minute like an attorney
Gal yuh brave fi come follow mi upon dis yah love journey
The lesson whey mi teach a whole heap a gal waan fi learn it
Believe it or not , then gal come confirm it


Verse 2:
Hey gal yuh now mi , steam fish , ockra grow mi
Yuh tink sey dis a Tony , just sit dung pon mi pony
Coulda big or bony , hot gal we love dem only
An' dis ya gal a phone mi bout she lonely
An' how she sure she have the chemistry to unfold mi
An' how much she hol' mi , it nuh hard fi control mi
Man a natural stallion nuh Chiney Brush an mi nuh Stoney
Kick back a watch mi Sony , tell Naomi

Verse 3:
Yuh shoulda refuse it , yuh come an ' test an' loose it
An' turn round a accuse me , seh mi a hackle and batta bruise it
A me yuh blame thru mi have yuh brains a confuse it
Yuh have the choise fi choose good yuh coose bad
Den why yuh choose it
Mi have a piece a tool , yuh tink seh mi nuh know how fi use it
Suh watch how yuh groove me ' cause dem deh tings deh move mi
An' tings like dat mi only see it inna movie
Suh Suzie meet mi inna di jacuzzi