Bounty Killer

Never let your problems get you down
Got to stay focus and hold ya ground
Don't it seems hopeless there is no progress
We still hustla around town
We do what we so we stay alive
We sell what we sell so we have to survive
We tried of de fuckery
And we fed up from bout '95

(Chorus x2)
So tell dem say anytime
We hungary again dem have to see we 9
Police outta road say dem a fight crime
A holiday comin that me nah see de first time
Tell dem say anything
The government policy is unda mine
Poor people dispite that dem a show a sign
Corruption and war goin to reach its point

Imagine how I try my best to survive the street
Sometime me wonder how some people do it
Long time me a burn me
Momma clean floor so the kids can eat
Five chirstmas now me nah drink nah sorrel
Landlord and momma in a courthouse aquarrel
She a send a cris chrome dat had in a barrel
What you expect me fa do

(Chorus x2)

Well dem ramp wit we fuse
And we tek it wit a smile
We feel de pinch now everything wild
Porverty,hunger and an easy life style
We tried and we tried and we tried