Another Level

Bounty Killer

Verse 1:
Bounty Killer giving yuh originality (Uh huh)
Buss a shot if yuh respect and love di quality (Uh huh)
Listen good and pay attention to my clarity
All a di gal dem a seh dem love mi personality (Uh huh)
Mi guh a foreign and big up mi nationality (Uh huh)
Mi love di money but mi nah bow fi vanity (Uh huh)
Mi see di fassy dem a come wid animosity
Pressure mi, pressure mi but mi nah leff out mi sanity (Uh huh)
Bun a fire pon a kuh pon mister fagoty (Uh huh)
Cocky deh yah suh fi wheel unda Dorothy (Uh huh)
Ears ah ben up and a wince under agony
Poop man fi drown a dat a yawd man philosophy (Uh huh)
Tell di shotta dem fi hold a solidarity (Uh huh)
Tell di government free up di weed policy (Uh huh)
A our country dem fi leff it mek wi manage eh
Trick wi and dem kill wi wid reverse psychology

Me and my creeew,
Were on another level
With the new sound, wow wow

Verse 2:
Tell di bredda who fuck up di economy (Uh huh)
Fi guh read chapter 3, Deutoronomy (Uh huh)
Tell dem seh wi haffi secure wi family
Government corruption a guh dung like sodomy (Uh huh)
Big up di gal dem wid di phat piece a property (Uh huh)
Gimme di gal dem weh possess hole heap a glamity (Uh huh)
Mi check fi people but a gal a di majority
Woman haffi kill mi and mi naw change mi strategy (Uh huh)
Big up di gunner dem who run tings a Miami (Uh huh)
London badboys dem a follow wi (Uh huh)
A last year wi mash up Brigston Academy
Cham and Bounty Killer leff di place inna frenzy (Uh huh)
Big up mi fren dem and fuck up all mi enemy (Uh huh)
Mi see di fassy dem a watch and dem a penny me (Uh huh)
Mi juss a chill and a sip a glass a henessey
A humble man a humble caw dem waan drain mi energy


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