Tell Me

Beenie Man

Yes Iyah!
Some gal a move like dem a Killa
But dem have fi sekkle pon di Tarantula
Yes Nyah!
A Beenie Man and Two Thousand Crew deh yah...
But wah...

Verse 1:
Woman yuh neva shy
Put up yuh hand deh high
From anuh Suzzette or Antoinette dem really want fi tek yuh guy
Woman yuh neva bow
Put up yuh hand dem now
You got di loot and di man dem a shoot and di man dem got di wicked si now
Woman yuh ever hot
Cause yuh run di spot
Yuh bass a bus' out
Yuh treble a top
Yuh yeye dem nuh cross
Yuh knee dem nuh knock and..
Yuh n'ave fi use contacts
because yuh private phat
yuh pack up and gone
yuh man haffi bawl
and den him have fi call yuh back

Tell me what you want...Please!
Tell me what you need....Denise!
Tell me if I'm good enough for you babe, good enough for you, baby....



Verse 2:
Nuh gal nuh want nuh man weh stuck
No, No, No
Dem want a man weh know di wuk
Yeah, yeah, yeah
Shi want a man fi hold her up, drape her up, ina bed and gi her pure bed wuk
Yeah, yeah, yeah
Nuh want no man who a Jerk
No, no, no
Shi want a man weh know di work
Yeah, yeah, yeah
Shi want a man fi wuk her hard, mek shi run up ina di yard and migrate from di
But just di other day me and Patsy a work
Mi bus' off her blouse and draw dung her skirt
di gal she a gwaan like shi don't really want turn on likkle more di gal bus
mi silk shirt



Verse 3:
True mi tell dem seh Simma Simma
Heh! Dem buy a brand new Bima Bima
Den mi guh check dung a Salla-Salla
And him guh tell mi bout a gal name Angela
Bout she a walk and a bawl seh shi nuh want no fruitella
Fus' wuk shi get di gal a bawl seh a Beva
True mi know a volcano this bwoy live ina, gal....dis yah DJ a Lava